listabird showing the different possible lists that you can tag a user

Listabird is a Twitter client that focuses on who you follow

Using Twitter Lists you can organise your users: tag them! for the products they sell, the fields they are into or the books they read: just tap!

User information

adding or removing lists from twitter gets reflected into listabird Tapping on the user image activates the information view, where infos coming directly from Twitter API are shown:
the number of total tweets, likes (spoken language, timezone, date of last tweet, how many of those tweets were conversations only, including replies, retweets, etc.)

  • Name*, Twitter name, Location, number of friends / followers
  • if this is a verified account, the standard blue verified badge
  • under the user line, the lists this user was assigned to
  • * If the Name is shown in bold it means this user is following you


main view for listing tagging twitter in app list editor twitter in app list editor

When the main edit is active, for each user Listabird shows all your saved Lists, they are sorted alfabetically, tap on one of them to assign it to the user, tap again to remove it. If you haven't used Lists before there is an editor where you will be able to add them.
Finally, swipe left if you wish to unfollow that user.

cache twitter API requests

adding or removing lists from twitter gets reflected into listabird detail pull to refresh to reload data Whatever you do inside Listabird: following new people, adding or removing users from lists, adding new lists, etc., will show up inside Twitter at every reload and will be cached to save Twitter API calls
just pull to reload fresh data

grow your twitter account in a smart and fun way